MSU's premier speech activities club



Rebranded as the "Spartanvitational", we are the proud hosts of Michigan's largest individual events tournament.



Spartan Speech was founded with the mission to promote speech activities across the state of Michigan.



We are proud to reward our tournament finalists. We celebrate winners in all 12 categories and 9/10 events.



For more information, we invite coaches to browse our site to learn about our organization and mission.


MSU Students

Interested in joining Spartan Speech? Our team is constantly growing and always looking for more judges and volunteers.


High School Students

Interested in competing? Find out how to get your school involved or compete through our Individual Affiliate Program.

ALL Students are welcome

We warmly welcome all MSU students, regardless of experience or background, to participate in some way. This tournament is an opportunity for everyone to learn and get involved with speech activities. Elementary/Middle/High school students who wish to compete are encouraged to do so with their team or as an Individual Affiliate.


Spartan Speech has been a growing organization that has had a profound impact on many current students. Many students cite the Spartan Speech tournament as a major reason for choosing to attend Michigan State.

Participating in forensics gave me the confidence to look someone in the eye and speak with authority about the things I care about.

- Tony Olshansky
College of Agriculture

I was a state champion in my event, a national merit scholar, and because of the Spartan speech tournament, I am now a Spartan and daily using the skills forensics gave me.

- James VanAntwerp
College of Engineering

Forensics gave me an opportunity not only to develop public speaking skills, but also to really think about what made stories interesting, engaging, and understandable.

- Casey Sherwood
College of Music