Get coached!

Spartan Speech is excited to announce that starting Monday, March 15, 2021, and for the remainder of the Michigan Forensics season, members of Spartan Speech will be offering online I.E. Coaching to all Michigan Forensicators!

This is a completely free program, where students simply sign up for one of the Monday through Thursday time slots and they receive a one-on-one coaching session. Coaching sessions are one hour in length. However, students may use less time if they wish. There is also the option for students to sign up for a two-on-one coaching session, where they along with a fellow teammate come to the Zoom session together and split the time up!

We are currently scheduling through April 1st. After April 1st, we will be holding additional coaching workshops during the Regionals window and leading up to the MIFA State Competition. More information about this will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Sign up link:

Click here to sign up!

For any additional questions you may have regarding Spartan Speech coaching services, please email our President, Karah at

Meet the Coaches


Hi! My name is Karah Tanski and I am also the current President of Spartan Speech here at MSU. I am a second-year student majoring in Social Relations & Policy and Comparative Cultures & Politics with a minor in Educational Studies. When I attended East Detroit/ Eastpointe High School, I competed in Duo, DI, OProse, and my senior year (2019) I placed 5th at States in Oratory (... I know, wasn't expecting that one were you?), so I am comfortable coaching all Interp and PA events! Now for a little about me! My favorite TV Shows are Community and Criminal Minds. If I were a U.S city I would be Minneapolis, Minnesota because, like the city, people often underestimate my power, but I always prove them wrong! I am available to coach Monday-Thursdays (see the sign-up for times)!


My name is Sophia Lada (she/her) and I am double majoring in Journalism and Political Science. I graduated high school in 2018. In high school, I failed at DI and Multiple, but then began Broadcasting and was state champion my senior year. When it comes to coaching, I can give feedback on basically anything. I have a lot of theatre background, so I can give feedback on interp categories. I prefer poetry and storytelling when it comes to interp. In PA, I love coaching Broadcasting, Extemp, or Impromptu. If I were a city in the U.S., I would be Traverse City, MI because it’s a little bit of city life and a little bit farm life, and I feel like I’m kind of a little bit of everything. I am available to coach Thursdays from 3 pm to 6 pm!


Hi there! My name is Laya Silverman (she/her), I am the Vice President of Spartan Speech, and I am a sophomore studying Packaging Science with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies at MSU. I am a proud Walled Lake Western alumni! My favorite movie is Mamma Mia. If I were a city in the US, I would definitely be Honolulu, Hawaii. Okay, let’s talk forensics. In high school, I competed in Prose and Sales. At the MIFA States, I was the Sales State Champion in 2018 and placed 2nd in Sales in 2019. With my background, I can help anyone in Public Address and Limited Prep Events! Please sign up with me, I’d love to help you out. Go Green! Go, White! Go Speak! For availability, I’m free Monday- Thursday from 3 pm -5 pm


Name: Jayla Granger.
Pronouns: she/her.
Major: Zoology.
High School: East Detroit/ Eastpointe High school.
Graduated: 2020.
Competed In: Prose and Original Poetry.
Can Coach: Prose, Poetry, and DI.
Favorite Book: The Selection.
Favorite Movie: La La Land.
If I Were a U.S City: New York City or Chicago.
Monday: 5pm - 6pm.
Tuesday: 4pm - 6pm.
Thursday: 4pm - 6pm.


Hi! My name is Abby Grantham. (she/her) I am a double major in the arts and humanities (RCAH) and theater. I graduated from Lake Orion High School in 2020. In Forensics I did storytelling, DI, and Prose. I am willing to coach Storytelling, DI, Prose, Duo, and Poetry! Just a bit about me! My favorite book would probably have to be An American Like Me or any book about theatre. If I was a city I would be Chicago. I love big cities and lots of people and I love any type of art! I am available to coach Tuesday from 3:00 to 5:00 and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:30! Go Green! Go White! Go Speak!


Hi! My name is Jenny Fealk. I am a Junior at MSU majoring in Supply Chain Management. I graduated from Bloomfield Hills High School in 2018. When I was at BHHS, I competed in all Interp categories in Forensics (...yep, all of 'em lol)! Back in the day, I semi-finaled at MIFA states in Prose and Multiple. I’m comfortable coaching ALL Interp Categories as well as Sales and Info! A little bit about myself: My favorite book is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, if I were a US city I would be New Orleans cause I’m a bit of an old soul but still know how to have fun like Marti Gras! I am available to coach Mondays and Thursdays from 5 pm to 6 pm.


Hello! My name is Willow (she/her). I’m a Junior at MSU. I am double majoring in Social Relations & Policy and Fisheries & Wildlife. I graduated from Washtenaw International High School in 2018, where I competed in Forensics all four years. I competed in Oratory, Impromptu, Multiple, Sales, Informative, and Poetry. I would feel comfortable coaching any of those or ANY Interp. Now the fun stuff! My favorite movie is National Treasure. If I was a city in the US, I would be Portland, Maine. Big but not too big, lots of diverse nature, and so many fish! I can coach Monday and Tuesday afternoons- from 3 pm to 6 pm!