2019 Student Winners

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Second Annual Spartan Speech Invitational Winners

2020 Individual Affiliate Awards

Michaela Martin Loy Norrix Champion
Maggie Grabemeyer Loy Norrix Runner-up
Zoe Paskewicz Kenowa Hills 3rd Place
Brooklyn Moore Loy Norrix 4th Place
Gabriel Shamam International Academy West 5th Place
Jo Schwitzer Okemos 6th Place
Lily Dorstewitz Loy Norrix 7th Place
Angel Solgat Okemos 8th Place

2020 Broadcasting Awards

Ethan Lancaster Portage Central Champion
Adrianna Kallabat International Academy Runner-up
Ben Hermen Grand Rapids Christian 3rd Place
Naomi Ross Grand Rapids Christian 4th Place
Angela Postula Portage Central 5th Place
Priya Shah International Academy 6th Place

2020 Extemporaneous Awards

Jakar Dhillon Bloomfield Hills Champion
Joseph Sturdy Portage Central Runner-up
Jonah Liss International Academy 3rd Place
Rosalyn Li The Roeper School 4th Place
Aneesa Sheikh Bloomfield Hills 5th Place
Kris Ouvry Portage Central 6th Place
David Ashman Divine Child 7th Place

2020 Impromptu Awards

Lexie Finkelstein Bloomfield Hills Champion
Ishan Goel Bloomfield Hills Runner-up
Vivian Yee International Academy 3rd Place
Vynateya Purimetla International Academy 4th Place
Devin Crawford Portage Central 5th Place
Noah Chun Grand Rapids Christian 6th Place

2020 Informative Awards

Ally Kuch Walled Lake Western Champion
Isabel Reid Portage Northern Runner-up
Leena Jandali Bloomfield Hills 3rd Place
YeonWoo Lee International Academy 4th Place
Carly Finerty Bloomfield Hills 5th Place
Arya Goel International Academy 6th Place

2020 Oratory Awards

Dhruv Muralidhar Troy High School Champion
Ellie Mancina Portage Northern Runner-up
Heather Chen Bloomfield Hills 3rd Place
Avery Long The Roeper School 4th Place
Brody Mayoras Bloomfield Hills 5th Place
Brook Berner Portage Central 6th Place

2020 Sales Awards

Jana Rida Divine Child Champion
Lee Must The Roeper School Runner-up
Sophia Burkmyre Walled Lake Western 3rd Place
Macy Hannan Walled Lake Western 4th Place
Katelynn Ross Mason County Central 5th Place
Brian Yeung Walled Lake Western 6th Place

2020 Extemp 9/10 Awards

Aaron Chen Grand Rapids City Champion
Hugh Buitendorp Grand Rapids Christian Runner-up
Kenichi Lobbezoo Skyline 3rd Place
Caroline Lever Portage Northern 4th Place
Charotte Caldon Grand Rapids Christian 5th Place
Daniel Sturdy Portage Central 6th Place

2020 Dramatic Interp. Awards

Ryland Gigante Mason County Central Champion
Claire Reinhardt Divine Child Runner-up
Avi Bloch Walled Lake Western 3rd Place
Ife Martin West Bloomfield 4th Place
Julia Watt Portage Central 5th Place
Roxy Jeffries Mason County Central 6th Place

2020 Duo Awards

Gratsch/Gwilt Avondale Champion
Eiler/Fagan Portage Northern Runner-up
Abdelnour/Yamin Bloomfield Hills 3rd Place
Sacksner/Sacksner Bloomfield Hills 4th Place
Cochrane/Shaffer Bloomfield Hills 5th Place

2020 Multiple Awards

Leading Ladies Bloomfield Hills Champion
Mystic Pizza Bloomfield Hills Runner-up
Scooby Doo International Academy 3rd Place
Inside Out Mason County Central 4th Place

2020 Poetry Awards

Kiersten McCollum Bloomfield Hills Champion
Madelyn Turala Anchor Bay Runner-up
Hanna Carrick Bloomfield Hills 3rd Place
Marysol Miller Portage Central 4th Place
Samantha Miller Alma 5th Place
Rosalee Singer Portage Central 6th Place
Marcella Molina Walled Lake Western 7th Place

2020 Prose Awards

Jackie Roach Walled Lake Western Champion
Kate Lindsay Portage Central Runner-up
Cass Dickey Divine Child 3rd Place
Samantha Nahhas Bloomfield Hills 4th Place
Abigail Watters Bloomfield Hills 5th Place
Maggie Huber Troy High School 6th Place
Gracie McGrath Portage Northern 7th Place

2020 Storytelling Awards

Jared Bloch Walled Lake Western Champion
Jason Koch Portage Northern Runner-up
Paul Abdelnour Bloomfield Hills 3rd Place
Madi Walther Walled Lake Western 4th Place
Griffin Lantz Portage Central 5th Place
Sydney Saywrayne Bloomfield Hills 6th Place
Karis Schoon Grand Rapids Christian 7th Place

2020 Poetry 9/10 Awards

Jaanaki Radhakrishnan Bloomfield Hills Champion
Parker Mason Portage Central Runner-up
Karina Yang Bloomfield Hills 3rd Place
Cloe Frederick Mason County Central 4th Place
Meg Voetberg Grand Rapids Christian 5th Place
Maya Deshmukh Walled Lake Western 6th Place